Project Type

App Design and Devoloping




Eva-Marie Sprick

ASKIT App and Technology

This is a project for my class "Interaction Design II" in which we had to build a device (in combination with a smartphone app) that makes use of sensors to process data.
The following images show an interactive option research device, e.g. a poll service, that uses Arduino with a capacity sensor, Processing and projection mapping to create a an ever changing bar chart that is projected onto the walls of different places in our University.
The app visualizes the chart as well and allows you to propose your own question or look at results of earlier questions.
Because the answers are updated in real-time, this is a convenient and time-saving device.
The app visualizes the bar charts and the results of the questions on your smartphone. Also, it helps you find the next "ASK IT" station and allows you suggest a new question!
This application was made for Android with jQuery mobile. The data gets to the phone via json-files.

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