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I just finished my Bachelor's degree in 'Media and Interaction Design' at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany.

In love with motion graphics, illustration, animation and playful details, basically everything that tells a story. I know how to work with the Adobe Suite - Illustrator and After Effects in particular, Cinema4D and Processing.

During my studies, I worked a design intern at THE PROGRAM in Portland, Oregon for an amazing six months where I worked on some cool projects for Nike, Footlocker, OMSI, Obey and Redbull.

Right now, I am just finishing my internship at the German advertizing agency DDB Hamburg where I work on exciting projects for Volkswagen and wrote my Bachelor thesis about concepting a new Augmented Reality infotainment system for cars.

Away from my desk, I enjoy exploring the world and new cultures, making some music and planning my next adventures. I'm always trying to feed my mind with something new & currently I'm refining my Cinema 4D skills by posting a render on Instagram everyday!

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